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KARES Teams up with Krakow

Project: Ukraine Pet Refugees Feel the “Aloha Spirit”


We’ve all heard of “Sister Cities” being worlds apart, yet sharing and helping one another in many ways. 


KARES Founder and President, Debbie Cravatta, has taken the concept in an innovative direction as she flew to Poland, self-funded, to research shelters taking in pet refugees from war-torn Ukraine. 


We are pleased to announce that Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzetami (KTOZ) Shelter in Krakow will be our “Sister Shelter.” Upon meeting with representative Kinga Osuch, and visiting the immaculate facility in Krakow, Debbie is ecstatic about this perfect partnership. 


KTOZ is dedicated to loving, caring and rehabilitating all the animals in their care, whether they need medical treatment or training, before sending them out for adoption. They, like KARES, have a strict no-kill policy when it comes to animal rescue. 


For those of you who feel inspired to help our international furry friends, donate here and specify for Poland/Ukraine Project. All donations without a note for our European partner will remain in Hawai’i to continue supporting our Big Island animals.


Due to the rate of exchange, it is only $12.50 to sponsor one of KTOZ’s cats for a month and only $25 to sponsor one of KTOZ’s dogs for 1 month.


We may be a small community on the Big Island, but our aloha knows no bounds.

Take a look through our gallery below to see the stories of some of the pets rescued from Ukraine and their stories.

Remember to leave a note for our European friends if you'd like to sponsor an international animal!
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