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Bissell Pet Foundation Grant Award

We can’t say it enough times: if you want to prevent pet overpopulation, spay and neuter your pets, both cats and dogs. This will make a difference to reduce the number of pets in shelters and rescues. The Bissell Pet Foundation is committed to this life-saving work and has provided the funds for spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinations for our island dogs.  You may recognize the Bissell name as associated with home care products.  

County of Hawaii 

KARES was awarded a grant for spay and neuter of companion dogs as a continuation of the County's support over the past 7 years to help control the overpopulation of island dogs. We thank the County for sharing in this community service to provide sterilization of almost 800 dogs for the benefit of the people and animals of Hawaii.

The Grey Muzzle Organization Grant

KARES is one of 64 animal welfare groups chosen from 288 applicants nationwide to receive a grant to help our Hawaii Island senior dogs.  It will help to provide dental care to rescued senior dogs, those aged 7 years and older.  Funding from GMO is intended to make a difference in the lives of older dogs in support of its vision of “a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”

PETCO Foundation Grant Award

KARES is thrilled to be recognized by the Petco Foundation for our lifesaving community programs of spay and neuter, and finding foster care and loving homes for pets.

We were honored to receive a $9000 grant award to help extend our efforts and serve the @PetcoFoundation mission to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them. #PetcoFamily

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