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We are dedicated to rescuing animals on the Island of Hawaii


Hawaii is paradise, but not to our homeless animal friends.        


Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service or KARES is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization founded in 2009 and is now serving the people and animals throughout Hawaii Island.  KARES is dedicated to providing rescue of abandoned and abused dogs and cats, temporary shelter in foster care homes and finding adoption homes for our island homeless pets.

In response to the island-wide overpopulation of dogs and cats, KARES advocates spay/neuter (S/N) to humanely control the pet population and prevent the continued cycle of neglect, abandonment and abuse of unwanted animals.  KARES conducts S/N surgery clinics in community locations underserved with affordable S/N services. This is a positive step to impact the welfare of companion pets preventing the death by euthanasia of healthy animals in public animal shelters and preventing the unfortunate development of generations of feral animals resulting from uncontrolled population dynamics.

Your contributions can help make Hawaii a paradise for loving pets needing homes.

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Our Mission

A widespread interest to create an organization adhering to a No KILL philosophy gave birth to the Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service (KARES) which serves the entire Big Island of Hawaii.


The mission of KARES is to rescue and relocate abused, abandoned and stray domestic animals, to provide temporary housing for them through our foster care network and to facilitate adoptions into caring permanent homes. KARES focuses on community education to promote responsible pet ownership and to prevent animal cruelty. KARES raises awareness about the causes of animal overpopulation and advocates alternative humane solutions for population control including spay and neuter.


KARES makes possible affordable or free spay/neuter procedures and conducts spay/neuter clinics in various community locations. KARES efforts serve as a model for achievable animal welfare programs for all communities around the island. 

Our Philosophy

We are a non-profit organization operating with a progressive NO KILL philosophy. We believe euthanasia of companion animals should not be used as population control. These animals should not be killed just because of lack of space, not enough time, or lack of resources.


We embrace the philosophy of NO KILL animal welfare organizations by striving to find suitable homes for all the orphaned and injured animals that are in our care.

Our Accomplishments

KARES finds homes for approximately 400 dogs and cats every year.

KARES has provided free spay and neuter surgeries to over 7,200 companion animals in the last 12 years, primarily to pet owners who cannot afford this service.

KARES provides access to affordable pet health and wellness services.

Our Managing Team

Meet the team that makes KARES a reality!
Debbie Cravatta

President and Founder

Elaine Anderson

Vice President

Joe Pace


Marilyn Gagen


KARES volunteers and rescued dogs

– July 4th Parade, Kona Hawaii

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