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KARES New Year’s Eve Rescue and Foster Care

Eleven (11) puppies were abandoned in a driveway in Ocean View, Hawaii on New Year’s Eve (Dec 31, 2014). The startled homeowners called KARES. Beate Neher (KARES Secretary) and Shaunlee Blaine (KARES volunteer and veterinary technician) came to the rescue. The puppies may have been only 4 days old. A search was conducted for the mother dog but she was not found. The puppies required bottle feeding day and night. Beate fostered five puppies; two other KARES volunteers each fostered three. Obviously no one got any sleep.

January 22, 2015 Update on Facebook: New Year’s puppy update!! The 11 pups dumped on New Year’s Eve were bottle nursed for the last three weeks with Esbilac, a mother’s milk replacement. They had their first canned meal today. They are all fat and healthy. The biggest one, shown in the first photo, already weighs over 5 lbs! He is not even a month old yet, wow. Gonna be some big dogs. GO pups GO!!

February 17th, 2015 Update on Facebook: Ten of the 11 pups have survived and are now 7 weeks of age. We love those wrinkled faces. The pups were suspected to be Char pie mixes (maybe Lab or Pit) and that is becoming more evident; something wrinkly for sure.

The pups have been dewormed, had their first vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered when old enough (on March 17th) and then placed for adoption. Six of the 10 are already reserved with owners waiting to give them loving homes. The foster parents of 5 of the pups, Beate and Fred Neher, may have a hard time giving them up!

Thank you Petco Foundation for helping KARES prepare these little creatures for adoption.

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