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Roscoe's Holoholo Home!

Talk about a dedicated dad!

This is Rosco, a 12 year old bulldog mix, and his dad was NOT going to let him be left behind in Hawai'i when he had to move to the mainland!

Recently, Rosco's family had to move to New Jersey and no airline would fly their family member with them (in cargo) due to his short snout. Devastated, his 'ohana moved off island without him, and called KARES for assistance. Rosco's dad told us that he would do ANYTHING to get Rosco to the East coast.

"ANYTHING?!" we asked.

With that in mind, KARES was able to connect Rosco's family with Pacific Airlift, who flies animals between Hawai'i and LA in a pressurized cabin with a veterinarian on board.


The next challenge was getting him from the west to the east coast, especially since no airlines will fly him. What better way to it do than. . . get an uber for your dog's cross-country trip?!

These photos are from Rosco's dad, who received updates from his Roscoe's Uber driver. They arrived safely and Roscoe is back with his beloved family.

"'Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. . .or forgotten."

---Lilo & Stitch

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