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Ono found a loving home

Ono was found at the top of Ainaloa Subdv. She was severely malnutritioned and had huge sores on her legs! She also looked like she had just had a litter of pups.

Her foster Many just wrote to us this lovely message:

Due to my medical condition I was able to get my doctor to sign off on Alii as a emotional support animal.

I recently began working/training him to be with me at all times. He is so smart and loves being with me all the time! He does great in public, around people and other dogs now! He is awesome!

Ono, is as playful and silly as ever he absolutely adores the kids and no matter how many baths we give him he still stinks, but that's ok we love him!

They truly are amazing dogs and are a testament that it's not the breed it's how they are brought up that can effect their behavior!

Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation and it's so undeserved, they are one of the most loving, family oriented and intelligent breeds out there!

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