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In late February 2022, KARES received a call from our Animal Angel, Malia asking for help. Malia has a vacant lot in Ocean View. She and her husband hadn't visited the property in several months and something told her she needed to check on it. When they got arrived the immediately smelled something awful. She assumed it was a dead pig but after canvassing the property, they came across this sweet soul, entangled in vines and hanging by his leg. The rescue began immediately.

After getting him untangled from the vines, it was apparent that the dog had been there for several days and more than likely wouldn't have made it through another night. The vines have cut through his flesh to the bone right at the elbow joint. He has additional damage to his neck from the vines as well. We are not showing all the photos as they are a bit gruesome.

The good news is he is safe with a foster. He has a sweet disposition and is eating and drinking. We are praying that we can get him into a vet first thing tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, he does not have a chip, but we think he has an owner.

February 28, 2022

Dr. Agnes at Ocean View Clinic said he was a real trooper while she tended to his wounds. Not a peep out of him! He must know how much we are all trying to pull him through his traumatic experience. Time will tell if Doctor can save his leg. For now, he needs plenty of rest, his bandages changed regularly and lots of love and prayers. Thank you for stepping up to help this little guy!

March 8, 2022

“Tiki did great at the vet today! Dr. Horvath was very happy with his progress. She said to continue the treatment plan we are already on. Once he is all healed up, if he still isn't using his leg completely, she may take an x-ray at that point just to see if there are any old fractures that could have healed incorrectly. However, she wants to stay focused on healing the flesh wounds for now since we couldn't do much about the bone having healed improperly anyway.

Doing a second round of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. Using shriners then SSD cream and allowing the skin to breathe so no longer wrapping in bandages. Just have to keep him from licking so I got him a couple little shirts since he obviously can't wear a cone.

MAHALO to Dr. Horvath for helping Tiki on his road to recovery, we are so grateful for you!

Mahalo nui to everyone who has donated and continues to donate to Tiki’s care.

MARCH 31, 2022

KARES is thrilled to report Tiki has found his forever home! At the beginning of March, we received the following update from Tiki's new family.

Tiki is doing really well. He is the best little patient and never complains about bandage changes or taking his meds. The honey wraps have worked wonders on his leg and new tissue has completely covered the exposed bone. Now we are focusing on healing up his open wounds.

He has a super sweet personality and is very gentle when taking treats. He listens relatively well and is definitely food motivated so proper training should be rather easy for him. He is learning manners and social cues from our 10-year-old Great Pyrenees who finds his energy level to be a bit much for her old lady ways. He is still unsettled by our indoor-only cats. He seems to want to chase them which we would of course never let happen for the safety of our cats and to prevent him from overworking his injured leg. Nevertheless, he is unsure of his feelings toward cats and will whine when he sees them.

Tiki has an adorably goofy wag to his tail. He doesn't really sway it side to side like most dogs. Instead, he wags up & down or in silly circles. He is a wonderful dog, and you would never know that he has suffered such a traumatic experience (or experiences) that led him to the day of his rescue.

We are so grateful for everyone who sent best wishes, financial donations, and kind words during Tiki's recovery.

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