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A message from our Founder, Debbie Cravatta -

Wow . . . what a successful demonstration! The community turnout to protest this archaic animal cruelty was paramount. The 22 law enforcement officers, in full gear, meant to intimidate us failed colossally.

The most pathetic incident involved a 4-year-old boy, wearing kitty cat ears, hiding behind his mom, a nurse from North Community Hospital, as DLNR threatened to arrest his mom and call child protective services to take him away . . . all because they were holding a small baggie of kibble.

Second runner up was the citation given to a 75-year-old tourist from Colorado who was also banned from Waikoloa Beach Resort, therefore not being allowed to spend her money in any of the stores and restaurants. Isn’t tourism our #1 economic industry?

Ferol from Waikoloa, you rock! You were the first brave soul to be cited for offering water to the thirsty cats and one nene. We will be there in court to support you.

Mahalo to everyone who came out to voice their outrage and opposition to feline animal cruelty at the Queens Shops in Waikoloa. Mahalo to all the folks who are donating to help pay for the citations issued by DLNR. At present, we have collected $1500. (Note: If DLNR Officer Friendly from last night was accurate, each fine will be $2500.00.)

Court Date: June 13, 2023 at 8:30am in Waimea. Please come, one and all, to support these two heroes.

Most important, continue to feed all of God’s hungry creatures. Wear your compassion proudly!

Remember, only support Feline Friendly (TNRM) resorts and businesses.

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