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Upcoming Events

Golden Retriever

As of December 5, 2020, KARES will be at the Kona PETCO on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm for limited adoptions.  KARES is only allowed to bring 2 dogs to each event.  KARES is required to follow all mask and social distancing requirements.  If there is a pet you see on our Facebook page or our website that you would like to find out about, please call KARES at 333-6299.  


There are always kittens and cats in the PETCO cat condos, so we encourage adopters who want a feline friend to stop by PETCO at their convenience for cat/kitten adoptions.  

KARES spay and neuter services are continuing.  For appointments or more information, please call us at 333-6299. 

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