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KARES finds homes for approximately 400 dogs and cats every year.

KARES has provided free spay and neuter surgeries to almost 4,400 companion animals over the past 7 years, primarily to pet owners who cannot afford this service.

KARES provides access to affordable pet health and wellness services.

KARES continues to remain “Essential” during the COVID-19 crisis!

  • A total of 355 dogs have been spayed or neutered (Jan 10 –Sept 30), including 260 dogs since the original March 25 stay-in-place orders, all at no cost to pet owners.
  • A total of 320 homeless pets, both dogs and cats were placed in adoption homes.
  • A big thanks to KARES dedicated volunteers, foster care providers, the families that opened their hearts and homes to adopt a pet and for your donations that have made this work possible.

While most free meal services during the pandemic are helping hungry families, since February KARES has been distributing over 300 baggies of cat and dog food at 3 weekly locations in Waimea (Grab & GO, Monday & Friday and Annunciation Church on Tuesday).


KARES Needs Your Assistance – the COVID crisis is not over. Monetary donations of any size helps us continue to feed hungry pets.

Please donate either through  We truly appreciate every donation. Mahalo for your generosity. 

Saving Sheba

November 15, 2020 is a great day!  We have good news to share in our battle to save Sheba, the German Shepard who has been at the San Bernardino Devore Shelter for over a year. This is from Debbie's close friend, Priscilla Presley who brought public awareness to Sheba's plight.

Dear friends,

I have TERRIFIC news.

Yes, SHEBA was released from the San Bernardino Devore Shelter yesterday. She has been released to an outstanding out of state sanctuary after 17 months in a tiny cage she only had room to turn around in.  We know she will live the rest of her life with comfort, care and love.

This was quite a surprise for all of us that worked diligently to save her from being euthanized for a simple altercation with another dog. The dog was not injured badly and is doing fine and even his owners begged for Sheba's life to be spared. (Please read the background of Sheba on Facebook...

The arrangements for her release was made between our attorney, Adrienne Hewitt, representing Sheba, and the sanctuary in Utah. This has been a very complicated case as we faced a contentious, entrenched county legal department. Yes, there were stipulations from the County among them, sadly Sheba could not go back to her beloved owner, Jose.  We were all taken back by the surprise release including Jose as he would have loved to have been there to see Sheba being freed!  Very soon we will take him to see his girl. I'm sure the County and Devore Shelter didn't want any publicly as they had encountered an international outcry pleading for her exoneration.

Thank you all!

Thank you Adrienne, you are a force to be dealt with.

Thank you Bruce Krider, your dedication, heartfelt care for not only Sheba but for Jose has touched my heart. We did it partner!

Thank you Debbie Cravatta and your Hawaii based non profit KARES, if your supporters didn't jump into action last September, 48 hours before Sheba was to be euthanized, and fought for a stay of execution, Sheba would not be here today. Your call to me for help got this enormous ball rolling.


Thank you Jose for believing in miracles.


It takes an unwavering, dedicated team and what a team it was.

Priscilla Presley

You can read more about Sheba's plight at:

News Coverage:

Save Sheba' - activists fighting execution order for Running Springs German shepherd

Priscilla Presley Is on a Mission to Save This Dog

Sheba on Nancy Grace

Pet of the Week - Needs your help!

On 11/10/2020 KARES was contacted about a dog that had been gored by a pig. Of course we answered the call immediately. This sweet boy is a stray and so far no one has come forward to claim him.

The next morning, this sweet boy went through a solid 2 hours of surgery earlier today to repair the wound. After much discussion with the vet and other people familiar with this type of wound, we do not believe it was from a pig. When a dog is mauled by a pig, there is a puncture wound and ripping of the skin which is typically jagged. The laceration to this dog appears to be from either a machete or a cutting tool of some kind.


The laceration was deep, cutting through fur, skin and tissue. It was approximately 10cm x 8cm. It's amazing this little guy survived. He is in good hands and being cared for by one of our amazing fosters.

We will continue to provide updates over the next few days.

If you would like to donate please click on the donate link.  Any amount helps!

A HUGE MAHALO for the generous donations. Your willingness to give whatever you can helps us continue to take care of injured animals and ensure they get the care and love they deserve. 

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All pets available for adoption have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

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