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Snowy Salzburg,  Austria


Happy December everyone!

In lieu of the winter holidays, KARES will be operating with a skeleton crew. KARES President and Founder, Debbie, will be volunteering at the world's BEST animal sanctuary, Gut Aiderbichl in Austria. This has been an annual tradition of hers for more than a decade, and now that travel is open again, she is excited to return.

Gut Aiderbichl is a group of farm sanctuaries of more than 6,000 animals, big and small (35 species!) , who live in harmony with one another. These sanctuaries offer themselves as a meeting place for both humans and animals.


Our phone line, messenger and email remains open, manned by a volunteer in Debbie's absence, so we ask for your patience with us during these next couple of weeks!


Mahalo nui loa,

Debbie and the KARES team

Meet the Spice Girls! 

(and Boy)

Found abandoned in some cane grass at only 3-weeks-old, it is no wonder these pups were fending for themselves on some "pork a-la-road." Having our volunteer secure them was only step one. . .
To get them ready for adoption, they will need deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, puppy pads, and lots and lots and LOTS of food!


With the current animal OVERLOAD on our island, we are reaching out to you, the community, to give what you can to help these (and other) puppies flourish!

Mahalo nui loa,

Nutmeg, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove (and Allspice)

KARES Teams up with Krakow

Project: Ukraine Pet Refugees Feel the “Aloha Spirit”


We’ve all heard of “Sister Cities” being worlds apart, yet sharing and helping one another in many ways. 


KARES Founder and President, Debbie Cravatta, has taken the concept in an innovative direction as she flew to Poland, self-funded, to research shelters taking in pet refugees from war-torn Ukraine. 


We are pleased to announce that Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzetami (KTOZ) Shelter in Krakow will be our “Sister Shelter.” Upon meeting with representative Kinga Osuch, and visiting the immaculate facility in Krakow, Debbie is ecstatic about this perfect partnership. 


KTOZ is dedicated to loving, caring and rehabilitating all the animals in their care, whether they need medical treatment or training, before sending them out for adoption. They, like KARES, have a strict no-kill policy when it comes to animal rescue. 


For those of you who feel inspired to help our international furry friends, donate here and specify for Poland/Ukraine Project. All donations without a note for our European partner will remain in Hawai’i to continue supporting our Big Island animals.


Due to the rate of exchange, it is only $12.50 to sponsor one of KTOZ’s cats for a month and only $25 to sponsor one of KTOZ’s dogs for 1 month.


We may be a small community on the Big Island, but our aloha knows no bounds.

Take a look through our gallery below to see the stories of some of the pets rescued from Ukraine and their stories.

Remember to leave a note for our European friends if you'd like to sponsor an international animal!

KARES Goes to Poland

No pet left behind.png

As you all are aware, the horrific war in the Ukraine has left many a pet orphaned.

I’m sure most of you feel helpless, unable to give comfort and aid from halfway around the world.

While we may be a little island in the middle of the ocean, our ALOHA spirit has no boundaries.

Our Founder and President, Debbie, is off to Poland to see what help KARES and our supporters can offer.

Poland is where many surviving pets are sheltered. She will seek out a facility to team up with, finding out exactly what is needed and hopefully the means to provide aid.

This is the first step.

Debbie will be in Europe through the end of July so there will be no adoptions at Petco until further notice.

The KARES hotline will be monitored by volunteers in case of emergencies.

Stay tuned for further info and developments.

Please hold Debbie in your hearts and prayers as she embarks on this mission.

Rosco's Holoholo Home

Talk about a dedicated dad!

This is Rosco, a 12 year old bulldog mix, and his dad was NOT going to let him be left behind in Hawai'i when he had to move to the mainland!
Recently, Rosco's family had to move to New Jersey and no airline would fly their family member with them (in cargo) due to his short snout. Devastated, his 'ohana moved off island without him, and called KARES for assistance. Rosco's dad told us that he would do ANYTHING to get Rosco to the East coast.

"ANYTHING?!" we asked.

With that in mind, KARES was able to connect Rosco's family with Pacific Airlift, who flies animals between Hawai'i and LA in a pressurized cabin with a veterinarian on board.

The next challenge was getting him from the west to the east coast, especially since no airlines will fly him. What better way to it do than. . . get an uber for your dog's cross country trip?! 
These photos are from Rosco's dad, who has been getting updates from his uber driver. They are currently enroute to New Jersey, and his family cannot be more excited for the reunion!

"'Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. . .or forgotten." 
---Lilo & Stitch



KARES is honored recipient of Mutts Across America Award

The Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service or KARES was selected as an exemplary animal welfare organization in the State of Hawaii by the MuttsNation Foundation and Tractor Supply Company.   Mutts Across America is an initiative to support nonprofit shelters or foster-based rescue in each and every state.   Organizations do NOT apply for funding – instead the Foundation’s board of directors spends hundreds of hours researching and finding THEM, and the recipients are surprised with the $5000 award.  The Mutts Across America award is given in recognition of work accomplished to promote animal welfare.  Since the initiative’s inception, Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation has supported more than 350 shelters with over $1.5 million in grants.  “KARES is most grateful for this special recognition. The grant will help with medical and surgical care of many rescued and surrendered pets providing them an opportunity for a return to improved well-being and to end their homelessness through adoptions”, said Deborah Cravatta, Founder and President of KARES. 

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