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The story of “Maha", Ho’omaika’i - Grateful in Hawaiian

Updated: Apr 9, 2018


They honored my existence by giving me the name “Maha”, which in Hawaiian means “resting in peace without pain”.

I think the nice ladies from KARES who found me thought I was a “goner.” I was at death’s door, barely breathing, a pitiful rolled up bundle of bones, too weak to move. Was I abandoned or lost on a pig hunt, who knows? All I remember is being on my own for a long time. To protect myself from being attacked by packs of roaming dogs I rolled in trash to cover my scent.

Finally, I collapsed on the roadside gravel, no longer able to stand or even raise my head. That’s how the KARES volunteers found me. The veterinarian said I was seriously dehydrated, probably too far gone and most likely to die. But my KARES animal angels would not give up. First they soaked and bathed my broken body in warm water, while syringing cool water in my mouth. Finally I gained the strength to drink from a bowl on my own. All of this is now a distant memory. I recovered completely and even smell clean, with my coat shiny and vibrant. I sleep in bed with my human companions. My family loves me beyond measure and shows me kindness every single day. They even take me to the beach, where I learned to swim in the majestic Pacific Ocean!

At home with my human companions. Note my sporty eye patch.

Maha is my name, it always will be, but if I could have a middle name it would be Ho’omaika’i - the Hawaiian word for grateful!

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